How I choose the product?

I only sell stuff that i already tried it out and i think the value that we pay is worth for the stuff. So all the product here, I've order from the factory or the middle person, i tried it first, once i satisfy with the performance, then i decide to open it for sell. If not, I'm just keep the product as a references. If I'm not really happy with the thing,I'm sure the buyer also feel the same. Happy Shopping..!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pre Launch of Milk Light

**click on the picture for larger view

The Glass Of Milk Light will light up when you place it in the upright position, and switched off automatically when the glass is turned upside down.

The 'water glasses' are actually made out of acrylic and powered by batteries. It also uses a power saving LED light bulb. Each glass stands 14cm and come with nice packaging.

Affordable price ;)
MYR 25

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